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May 21, 2009.

TDI Academy: Tackling TDI technology


  1. We have a 2006.5 TDI and love it, almost 50mpg hwy.

  2. 2009 Jetta TDI here!!!

  3. Our brand new TDI had blown (like many other) had fuel pump blown at 6k miles which caused us to replace almost 50 parts. Guys this is a big safety concern and VW is ignoring it. Just google TDI issues/problems you’ll see it for yourself…

  4. i have a 209 jetta tdi it the car i ever own

  5. Hello!New Golf tdi or Jetta i mean 2011 model has timing belt or chain?
    If anyone has answer ?Thank you in advence!

  6. I would love to know that my self.

  7. 2010 jetta TDI sporstwagen, Glowpulg light flashing, check engine light on, in “limp” mode, beginning to believe my 63 beetle is more reliable (cuz I maintain it). TDI “Totally Dumb Idea” should have ket the Mugen SI I traded in on it….

  8. No wonder you can’t contact VW from this site, they’d have to listen to all the complaints, what jerks….