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June 23, 2009.

TDI Academy: Clean Diesel vs. Gasoline


  1. The article states sparkplugs do not have to be replaced. It neglects to say that glowplugs must be repalced at about 50$(CDN) each. Oil has to be changed only every 16,000 KM (10,000 miles)

  2. Personally Clean Diesel is the way to GO – If a person is looking for a vehicle that will provide many years of use / mileage than the Clean Diesel Engine is it – Yes Proper maint is needed for Gas or Diesel but the Diesel engine technology is far superior to Gas — Just my two cents worth — Wishing all who may view this (Post a comment) best wishes

  3. I just LOVE my 05 VW Passat TDI.

  4. I have an 04 Jetta TDI. It’s before clean diesel but I have 130K miles on it and have had no problems. It doesn’t hurt that I get 48mpg even with my lead foot.

  5. I wish VW would give their blessing to blends greater than B5.

  6. Got burned buying the infamous Ford 6.0l “died”sel motor in the pile of junk sitting in my drive way rotting away since it’s burned through sets of injectors, turbos egr, ficm, etc. etc. Time to by a real Diesel from VW this week & junk the Ford! Ford never again!

  7. Tom, Let us know which TDI you buy.

  8. Rudolph Diesel invented his engine to run off peanut oil in the first place but since petrol diesel oil was cheaper everyone used it instead but Rudolph was green one hundred years or so early

  9. I just bought a Golf TDI last week, and so far I am thrilled with the vehicle. The mileage is amazing and the car feels more like a sports car than anything that I have ever driven. Wow. That is all that I can say.

  10. Been driving my new Sportwagen TDi for one week. Went from filling a GMC Envoy twice a week to “I havent purchased any fuel yet” for my diesel :-O

  11. Is a diesel with AD Blue better/worse than those with a Diesel Particulate filter. I think I read somewhere that the passat TDI for the states will have ad blue vs the filter and am kind of interested in either the sportwagen or the Passat.

  12. Bring back a Passat Wagon TDI! But I will be in line to buy the 2012 Passat Sedan TDI when it comes to New England.

  13. Purchasing a TDI goes beyond personal finance – that reduction in petroleum consumption helps our economy and environment. Article: U.S. Migration

  14. My TDI check engine light came on and the dealer says I need a new engine cylinder ($3000) total repair $7000. At no fault of my own, just a mechanical failure, they said. It’s a 2005, with 99k. I took it to its scheduled maintenance appointments with due diligence, never abused it, had every intention of putting 300k or more on this car, converting to grease. This can happen to any of them, the dealer told me. So watch out.

  15. Purchased Jetta Sportwagon Diesel in May, and delighted.

    We spent several days at our Marina/boatyard in Rockland Me., working on commissioning our sailboat. About 20 couples during the same time were doing the same thing. Of the 20 or so cars, fully 6 were Jetta Sportwagons — all TDIs, and from 4 different states. That’s a 30% market share among sailors for VW on just one model!

    Since sailboaters all know that diesels are by far the engine of choice in their boats, and since we all have to transport sails, dinghies, outboards, etc. the Jetta TDI Sportwagon is the hands-down choice.

    VW should make a killing selling the Jetta TDI Sportwagon to every sailor worth his salt!!

    Alan MacDonald
    ‘Sea Monkey’

  16. I have had a Jetta TDI that I loved and now have a 2009 Touareg. My Touareg was just at the dealership for 16 days having the entire AdBlue system replaced. The sensor that controls the system went haywire and messed up the entire system. It was a $5,000 dollar repair job luckily covered under the certified pre-owned warranty as I just purchased it July. I am fearful that I will continue to have problems with this. Has anyone else had problems?

  17. I need to know how well the 2012 Passat TDI starts in really cold northern weather (below 0) before I purchase one. I’ve read the one liner in the article above about injection, however that doesn’t really give me the answer.

  18. i have the 2012 gold TDI, and I’m loving how I actually spend less on gas each week. Diesel fuel price might be high, but in the end.. lower cost.