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July 16, 2009.

TDI Tank Wars Fuel Economy Tips from the Pros


  1. 37/50 mpg, decent power and no batteries or computers!

  2. Ha that’s pretty funny. Jurca should race TDI cup again next year, he almost won it the first season.

  3. A great tip for hwy mileage. Set your cruise control at 58 miles per hour. This may seem a little slow but when you figure all the other traffic is accelerating and decelerating multiple times an hour and you will never have to do either. I have tested this many times. I always get over 46 mpg and maybe take about 1/2 hour longer to get to the destination after an all day trip. With the normal 70 MPH highway speed limit you are ok at 58 and you will never have to touch either the accelerator or brakes.

  4. A little while ago I saw bumper stickers that had “why Hybrid?” on them. I want one and can’t find it any more, any help?

  5. I pay $3.70 a gallon out here in SCamafornia, so I have been granny driving. I make 48 MPG now for the Anaheim, Riverside, Newport Beach, Anaheim loop. The other day, with the wind at my back, I made 57 average for the 60 mile Riverside-Newport stretch. Took at photo of that!

  6. I have done some speed test over the same stretch of highway. At 60-65mph I was able to get my average mph up to about 47. However when I bumped it up to 70 the mph dropped to about 42. At 75 it was about 38. On a interesting note going 55 only gave me about 43. It appears to me that the 2011 Jetta TDI is happiest at 65mph, which is about where the torque and hp curves meet.

  7. I consistently get 47mpg to 49mpg on a 100 mile round trip to school and back, in and out of towns on the flat terrain of Indiana in my 13 year old ‘98 NB 1.9 tdi ALH. Sometimes if I treat the pedal right I can get 50 or 51! When I’m being mean to the pedal the mpg obviously goes down, but never below 45. I love my car =]